See the pictures and other media below for some examples of what our team is working on.

Mass and Moment of Inertia Model


This mass and moment of inertia model was developed by ELFIN in partnership with a UCLA spacecraft design class. It is center of mass accurate and will be tested for the moment of inertia on a spin table.

3D Printed Model


The 3D Printed model of ELFIN was developed by students using additive manufacturing. It combines both ABS and PLA plastic with components painted depending on the subsystem. Here, instruments are blue; avionics, power and batteries are orange; radios are green; structure and torquer coils are grey; and the stacer can which both houses the stacer and Fluxgate Magnetometer in the stowed position and serves as a structural element is white.


Wave at Saturn

Some of the ELFIN students participating in NASA’s Wave at Saturn Event.