The Electron Losses and Fields Investigation (ELFIN) is a 3U+ CubeSat mission under development by the Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences department at UCLA. ELFIN will explore the mechanisms responsible for the loss of relativistic electrons from the radiation belts.

ELFIN is funded jointly by the NSF CubeSat and NASA LCAS programs and has been a participant in the AFRL’s University Nanosatellite Program.

If you would like to join the ELFIN team , you can find the application process here. We invite you to check out our website before applying to learn more about the project.

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UCLA ELFIN Satellite
UCLA ELFIN Satellite
Bruin Space is a finalist in the Students with Drive contest with Zipcar! Vote for us to win some driving time!
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UCLA ELFIN Satellite
UCLA ELFIN Satellite added 2 new photos.
Shout out to our structures team members Anthony and Eric who are concluding the 3rd development model vibration tests at NASA Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia this week. Their first attempt was thwarted by winter storm Jonah when all flights were cancelled, and their trip last weekend also had cancellations. Undaunted, they drove over 3 hours from Philly to Wallops, after a redeye flight and sitting in the airport all day. Go ELFIN!! #dedication #ELFINsatellite #weareoptimists #ucla #uclabound
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UCLA ELFIN Satellite
UCLA ELFIN Satellite
A handy animation to explain the Van Allen Radiation Belts, ELFIN's main scientific target... courtesy of Los Alamos National Labs.
UCLA ELFIN Satellite
Need to Know: Van Allen Belts
Learn about the Van Allen Belts and how new findings from NASA’s Van Allen Probes could impact how we protect technology in space.
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