Student Team


Current Team

Ethan Tsai, Project Manager

Akhil Palla, Mission Operations Manager

Jason Mao, Software Lead

Graham Wing, Flight Dynamics Lead

Andrew Braun, Ground Station Lead

Spacecraft Operators

Chen Yap

Louise Tamondong

Software Developers

Austin Norris

Chanel Young

Daniel Schwartz

Erica Xie

Graham Wing

Hanna Kotesova

James King

Koji Kusumi

Matt Nuesca

Nick Simone

Sharvani Jha

Wynne Turner

Ground station team

Alex Gilbert

Benjamin Domae

Kanan Schmid

Subsystem Leads for Delivery


Project Manager:

  • Ethan Tsai ~ Electrical Engineering, Physics

Lead Systems Engineer: 

  • Duncan Frederick ~ Physics

Lead Software Engineer:

  • Akhil Palla ~ Computer Science

Lead Mechanical Engineer:

  • Matthew Allen ~ Aerospace Engineering

Lead Electrical Engineer:

  • Donna Branchevsky ~ Electrical Engineering

Payload Lead:

  • Colin Wilkins ~ Space Physics, Electrical Engineering Computer Sciences

Mission Operations Lead:

  • Sidh Sikka ~ Astrophysics

Fabrication Lead:

  • Jessica Artinger ~ Astrophysics

ADCS Lead:

  • Graham Wing ~ Computer Science

Earth Station Lead:

  • Alex Gonzalez ~ Physics

Thermal Lead:

  • Ian Fox ~ Aerospace Engineering

PR and Outreach Lead:

  • Elisa Park ~ Economics


  • Spencer Burakowski ~ Mechanical Engineering

  • Kevin Lian ~ Aerospace Engineering



  • Andrew Braun ~ Electrical Engineering

  • Benjamin Domae ~ Electrical Engineering

  • Alex Gilbert ~ Electrical Engineering

  • Marvin Paparisto ~ Electrical Engineering

  • Michael Arreola-Zamora ~ Geology


  • Cian Costello Electrical Engineering

  • Mason Fordham Electrical Engineering


  • David SheltonMechanical Engineering

  • Reuben RozarioAerospace Engineering

  • Matt WasdenMechanical Engineering


  • Alex Flemming ~ Aerospace Engineering

  • Eric Qu Aerospace Engineering

  • Daniel ThomlinsonMechanical Engineering

Mission OPS

  • Alexei BendeburyElectrical Engineering

  • Rommel CastroComputer Science

  • Andrew EvansAerospace Engineering

  • Koji KusumiComputer Science

  • Jason MaoComputer Science

  • Austin NorrisPhysics

  • Louise Tamondong ~ Physics

  • Anirudh VeeraragavanComputer Science


  • Rommel CastroComputer Science

  • Matthew NuescaComputer Science

  • Aysen TanElectrical Engineering

  • Gary ZhangElectrical Engineering


  • Sarah Eldin ~ Electrical Engineering


  • Noah Kang ~ Aerospace Engineering

  • Matthew Rubly ~ Mechanical Engineering


  • Brayden Hesford Electrical Engineering


  • Renee KriegerMaterials Science

  • Austin VillegasPhysics

Group Photos

ELFIN Team after Pre-Ship Review, June 2018

ELFIN Team after Pre-Ship Review, June 2018

ELFIN Team believes...Spring 2015

ELFIN Team believes...Spring 2015

ELFIN team Nov 2014

ELFIN team Nov 2014

ELFIN Team after Critical Design Review, February 2016

ELFIN Team after Critical Design Review, February 2016

The first wave of new recruits join ELFIN in Fall 2014!

The first wave of new recruits join ELFIN in Fall 2014!